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How much does a microschool cost to attend?


This depends on the type of microschooling arrangement. Some microschools are set up as a private school and charge tuition (along with following other government requirements), others are similar to homeschooling co-ops and work out payments in different ways. Charter schooling has been discussed as a possibility for microschools. In some states, however, certain rigidities have generally stood in the way of charter microschools as a viable model.


Will the instructor be a licensed teacher? 


Sometimes, though not always - different microschooling arrangements are possible, and cost is a consideration.

What age range do microschools serve?

Because they generally serve children of different ages, microschooling environments accept a variety of grade levels, often grouping them into K-3, 4-8, and 9-12. This allows for peer mentorship, and forming friendships and collaborations that would not be possible in a traditional classroom.


What does a microschooling schedule look like?

That depends on what you are looking for! Some microschooling options have children attend 5 days a week during typical school hours. In Nevada, homeschooling cooperative arrangements generally offer the greatest scheduling flexibility, allowing a hybrid schedule of days in the classroom and days at home, or even a more flexible drop-in schedule, and you pick when you want your child there.


What kind of child thrives in a microschooing environment?

Microschooling is a uniquely valuable, innovative option for many children. Microschooling accelerates independent learning, and helps foster a love of learning, which is well-suited for many children.


How is a child’s progress measured at a microschool?

This depends on what you are looking for in microschooling, there are a variety of options. Oftentimes, microschooling environments focus on mastery-based projects, which frequently includes portfolios that can be used to track a student’s progression through a variety of standards. Many microschools assess student learning in innovative ways.

Do microschools serve special needs children?

We encourage every parent interested in microschooling to seek out options and speak with the leaders of the microschools to see what works best for your family. Many children thrive in microschool environments, and while there may not be a specific special education program in the microschool of your choice, you might find the micrschooling environment well-equipped to guide your child in a way that allows them to grow and flourish.

Does microschooling require using the Nevada Academic Content Standards?

This depends on the microschooling option you select. Microschooling set up as a private school, or where possible as a charter school, will be subject to certain government requirements. Microschooling that is modeled as a homeschooling co-op is allowed more freedom and while it may align with the Nevada Academic Content Standards, it will allow for freedom and flexibility regarding how and when the standards are taught.

Frequently Asked Questions

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