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One of our favorite math resources just added middle school materials!

Hello Microschooling Friends, We are continuing to love our Thursday night meetings. The number in attendance doubled at our second event as the word is out about the informative, casual conversations. These events are for parents and microschooling leaders alike, as well as any interested community members looking to learn more.

Next Microschooling Event: August 5th @ 6pm

Don’t miss our “How Do Parents Make Microschooling Decisions” event on Thursday, August 5th at 6pm at our Nevada Action for School Options Office located at 6625 S. Valley View, Suite Number 422, Las Vegas, 89118. As always, we will have some of our favorite microschooling leaders there to fill you in on what they are offering. We will be discussing how parents make microschooling decisions, what factors are important for our microschooling leaders to know, as well as the questions parents might want help thinking through when they make these decisions. We will also have gift card raffles! Each person in attendance will be entered into a drawing for gift cards (which can be used to buy learning products for your microschool or your own kiddos)! For health and safety reasons (and for snack reasons!) we need to know how many people will be in attendance, so RSVP’s are mandatory. Please RSVP to or by calling 702-202-3573.

Exciting New Middle School Math Curriculum

One of our favorite math resources, Zearn, has added math content for grades 6 and 7, with grade 8 on the way! MicroschoolingNV has the opportunity to access the Zearn middle school math curriculum. We plan to review and test it, as soon as we have done that, we will give you our thoughts on these free materials. And speaking of middle school...we are planning a middle school learning tools night. This night will be for microschool leaders serving, or considering, middle school children. We will go over our favorite learning tools, as well as hear from special guests to better explain these tools! The date is TBA, but we will share information soon!

Nevada Microschooling Connections:

Are you looking for your Microschooling connection? Drop us a line and let us help!

Nevada Microschooling Connections:

Are You Looking for Your Microschooling Connection? Drop us a line and let us help!

Let us know what you’re looking for (if you’re looking to join a microschooling group or looking to start your own), please include the grade range of your children and your email address. We will post this information in our newsletter in order to help make those connections (so please do not share any specific information such as children’s names, location, or phone numbers).

Thank you,

Ashley & Don

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